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COVID-19                                                          Action Response Plan Concept

Boozhoo Nwiij-ki-wen-yig (Hello Dear Friends),

After almost a 3-month hiatus, we are working on opening gradually, safely and responsibly. On June 8th, 2020 The Province of Ontario communicated that Ontario will be taking a regional approach (including ours) to move into Stage 2 of COVID-19 recovery plan and allow select businesses and services to begin operating again as of Friday, June 12, 2020 as part of the province's regional reopening. In light of the current COVID-19 circumstances, our set up is a little different with a emphasis on making our experiences as safe as possible for our team members, visitors and communities.

We realize that your summer and our summer may look different and we need your help! It is the responsibility of each and everyone of us to recreate responsibly and follow the regulations and guidelines established. Here at Great Lakes Cultural Camps we want our visitors to get outside safely this summer and have the most positive and fun experience possible. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

We want to share with you the steps we’ve taken and continue to take in response to COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus). During this time, we’ve partnered with our communities, including governing health authorities, our vendors, all those that we touch at GLCC, and each other, to develop and execute our COVID-19 preparedness and response plan. This Document will outline Great Lakes Cultural Camps COVID-19 Action Response Plan Concept and ideas for mitigations to continue to operate this season. We continue to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 and are keeping an eye on official information and following guidelines published by Public Health Ontario (PHO) experts and Health Canada.

Great Lakes Cultural Camps Overview

Great Lakes Cultural Camps is a year-round mobile Anishinaabe outdoor education centre that brings everything to you! GLCC develops and provides high quality cultural experiences on the land and water that recognize the value of being active in the outdoors, land-based learning, Anishinaabe culture and what it can bring to people’s lives.

Great Lakes Cultural Camps is a small family run business that is focused on all the details. GLCC expeditions and land-based learning programs are designed to provide participants with high quality, in-depth instruction in a range of indoor and outdoor adventure experiences. Our programs are intensive adventure experiences geared to the abilities and interests of participants. We specialize in Ontario Recreational Canoeing & Kayaking Association (ORCKA), Paddle Canada (PC), Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA), Boreal River Rescue certification programs, backcountry and authentic Indigenous Cultural Experiences. We also coordinate and offer a variety of other year-round experiential learning programs. (Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association is the provincially and nationally recognized provider of recreational canoeing and kayaking programs and instruction, helping the people of Ontario to become safe, competent and knowledgeable recreational paddlers).

At a Glance - What to Expect As We Reopen:

  1. Stay home if you are sick

  2. Prior to visit, electronically have students read, understand and sign our Adapted procedures – COVID-19 Precautions waiver

  3. Observe health & safety information posted at course location

  4. Implementing our new "Safe Social Distancing Strategy"

  5. Wash your hands with soap and water often

  6. Be safe and practice physical distancing

  7. Wear a cloth mask when physical distancing is not an option

  8. Have on hand; a cloth face covering, tissues and hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol

  9. If you don’t follow the guidelines below, you’ll have to leave the course


At this point in time we believe Great Lakes Cultural Camps can safely operate with adaptations to our operations while maintaining physical distancing requirements and ensuring the safety of our students and our employees. This plan/concept hinges on the status of cases in the Algoma Region. If that changes we will need further guidance or suspend operations.

  1. 1)GLCC is screening all team members. Team members have their temperature taken and complete a health assessment questionnaire.

2) All courses will take place outside (Until October 2020) and have been adapted. 

  1. 3)Limited number of participants. We have reduced canoe class size to a maximum of 9 students to 1 instructor and for kayak 6 students to 1 instructor.

  1. 4)Prior to visit, electronically have students read, understand and sign our COVID-19 Adapted procedures – COVID-19 Precautions waiver.

  1. 5)Staff and students and everyone in their household will be required to have been symptom free of the novel coronavirus for the previous 14 days.

  1. 6)Only accept Ontario bookings.

  1. 7)Do not operate in any communities unless invited and okayed by the community.

  1. 8)If at any point things change or you need to back out of a course because of issues related to COVID-19, we’ll provide you with a full credit to take the same course within 18 months. Read our cancellation policy.

  1. 9) On land session will create physical distance markers to ensure spacing is followed. We will use hi-vis ground markers to mark out these spaces.

  1. 10)Instructors will hand out paddles, pfds and other paddling gear, all of which will be issued for the entire course. We will give out equipment at the beginning of the course and collect at the end of the course.

  1. 11)Extra cleaning and disinfect canoes, kayaks and gear with Public Health Ontario (PHO) / Health Canada approved cleansers at end of each course and further disinfect with sunlight.

  1. 12)Adapt our teaching environment to ensure physical distancing requirements are maintained on land and on the water.

  1. 13)Change the teaching progressions to focus more time on technique in easier water that minimizes the need for rescue to reduce the need for close personal contact.

  1. 14)Teach self-rescue/recovery techniques early in the course so students will have self recovery skills if needed.

  1. 15)Review and adopt other techniques and procedures after every teaching session and course. Only continue to run courses if this plan is working.

We feel with implementing the above measure we can continue to offer canoe and kayak courses to Ontario residents this season if things stay the same or improve with COVID-19. We will have to re-evaluate as things change and will only operate if we can maintain safety and health of our students and staff. We are open to suggestions and ideas to strengthen this plan.

Thank you for your ongoing support, understanding and for your commitment to working through this.

Baa ma pii minniwaa,

Great Lakes Cultural Camps